Joseph Healy  "Doctor"

Son of a cowleach (some one who attends animals mainly cows and doctors them using herbs)

His father passed his knowledge to Joseph, who doctored all classes of men and toothdrawer of the village, and was virtually illiterate.

Joseph's sister lived in Chadderton with her husband, this is there he met Elizabeth his wife, they married and living with her parents.

A police report in 1818 described Joseph as:
38 years old - 5' 2" tall
Sallow complexion, light grey eyes, short brown hair with a curl on his forehead.

On the day of the rally, Joseph expected trouble and suggested that his wife stay at home, but she rejected his advice and accompanied him.  At the meeting she was taken ill and took refuge in a house on Windmill Lane,  were she saw the Manchester and Salford Yeomanry attack the crowd.

Joseph was a casualty, stabbed in the back by a Yeoman and received a contusion on the back of his head.  Arrested and found guilty at York Assizes in April 1820 with Henry Hunt  and three others and sent to goal.

Died in Middleton and buried on the 28th Feb 1830.

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