23 October1787-
30 March 1864William Hulton
William Hulton by Richard James Lane
Lithograph courtesy of Manchester Central Library, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council
William Hulton

Educated at Brasenose College, Oxford 1807

Chairman of Manchester's 10 Magistrates

In 1811 appointed to the position of High Sheriff of Lancashire, later Constable of Lancashire

Owner of Hulton Park, his income came from 7 collieries  under the park or nearby.  He paid his workers poorly, the lowest in the district and before 1831 paid them in vouchers which had to be redeemed at his company shop.
In 1824 he became the Chairman of Bolton and Leigh Railway, the first in Lancashire, the line ran to the west of his estate from Bolton and connected with the Leeds and Liverpool canal, allowing him to deliver his coal cheaply.  In 1830 the line with connected to the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, allowing him and local businesses access to the Port of Liverpool.

Married his cousin Maria Ford in 1808 on the 25th October, and had 13 children

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