01 January 1779 -
 06 September 1849

Edward Stanley
Edward Stanley by James Green 1803
Painting by the courtesy National Portrait Gallery, London
Edward Stanley, Rev

Born in London the second son of Sir John Stanley, educated at St John's College, Cambridge ordained in 1802.  Originally Edward wanted to join the Navy, but his family objected.

In 1805 became Rector of Alderley, a position he held for 32 years.  Edward was interested in geology and was an active naturalist, publishing a book on Birds, their nature, habits and instincts 1836.

In 1837 he was made Bishop of Norwich and appointed Clerk of the Closet, an office which dates back to 1437, the clerk is responsible for advising the private secretary of the sovereign on names of candidates to fill vacancies of the roll of chaplains to the Queen.

In his time as Bishop, 173 new parsonages were built and he doubled the number of schools. He visited the House of Lords, frequently speaking in support of Whig policies, his political views put him at odds with his diocese, but he was held in high personal regard.

In August 1849 he was touring Scotland with his wife and daughters, when he was taken ill and died.  Edward's body was returned to Norwich and buried in the nave of Norwich Cathedral. 

He wrote an account of the day, about two months after the event and although it was not published it was circulated around his friends.

In 1921 it was published in Three accounts of Peterloo by eyewitnesses by Francis Archibald Bruton.

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